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2.26.11 - Join POP, Bin Donated & YEC for "PROHIBITION"
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Our lives are colored by the plight of passion. Passion fuels the creative process – infusing an artist with the requisite energy to toil endlessly in order to enrich our community with a plethora of ideas that beg us to question our beliefs and shift our perspectives. As we’ve listened to new ideas or we’ve watched others unfold, naturally, we’ve realized that major advancements in our society are the by-products of passionate pursuits.

So, why not revel in these episodes that have elevated the world we live in? Why not honor, support and nurture those individuals in our community whose struggles have meant a brand new perspective for all of us? Perhaps, their new ideas might be a catalyst for our present day evolution and, more importantly, their determination will inspire others to continue in their footsteps. Thus, The Pursuit of Passion was established